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Transmit G1

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Industrial temperature controller with PID or ON-OFF control. Dimension 48x48mm, SSR voltage output or 3A relay output.

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Price: 199,00 zł

161,79 zł tax excl.

Power230V AC +/-10%
ControlPID, ON/OFF
OutputR przekaźnikowe ( 3A) , S napięciowe 12V DC do przekaźników SSR
Obiciążenie wyjścia3A
Range of measurement-99~3200°C
DisplayWyświetlacz temperatury zadanej, wyświetlacz temperatury aktualnej
Tryb pracygrzanie lub chłodzenie
Display resolution and settings0,1°C
Programmable alarms2 programowalne alarmy przekaźnikowa (3A)
SensorsPT100 / (TC) Termopara N,J,E,K
Dimensions front panel48x48mm
MontażW tablicy lub obudowie hermetycznej, naściennej

Temperature Controller PID Transmit G1

A professional,industrial,electronic temperature controller PID with autoset function. Its characteristic feature are accuracy and reliability .Controller is available in two controlling variants:

  • (S) pressure 12V under controller SSR
  • (R) transmitter 3A

The controler is designed to be used with a molding machines,extruders,tunnel calfactories,heating chambers,solders points,packing machines,etc.It can be also used with refrigerating devices.It works together with temperature sensors and thermocouples-Pt100,J,K,E,S,T,B.A temperature range to 2000°C.

Temperature controllers are designed to be installed in cupboard controllers or distributive boards. In order to instal the controller in a cupboard mounting elements which are in set have to be used.

Modern solutions of temperature regulations in machines are the main parameter of a right production process.

Connection scheme

schemat podłączenia transmit g9r g8r g6rschemat podłączenia g9s g8s g6s
R version- transmitter exit 3AS version- pressure exit 12VDC

PID setting

PID setting is used for acurate temperature set without given histeresis.Control takes place through impulsive turning on a controlling entry.In this case it is worth to use a transmitter SSR which are not sensible to a frequent insetting. For more info go to our blog:

More information on our blog:
Co to jest PID?

Auto-tuning function

The regulator has an auto-tuning function, which is activated only once after the regulator is installed in the machine or the furnace. It consists in the fact that the controller selects the PID values in order to optimally maintain the set temperature as precisely and as accurately as possible. PID parameters can also be changed manually. The regulator can maintain the temperature on the extruder with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C.

Types of Alarm

The controller has got 7 different types of alarming ( exceed of temperature,decrease of heating,relative and absolute alarming, temperature range. Alarm can be set in a way when the machine won't be turned if is not heated or machine won't turn off in a case of unexpected overheat.

An example of usage alarming transmitter controlling fan.


  • : Set temperature
  • : Alarm set
  • : Alarm histeresis

rH Hight alarm standby

rL Low alarm standby

AH Hight alarm

AL Low alarm

HL High-Low alarm

ULd Range alarm

Timer alarm

Controllers of series Transmit have got timer function. Alarm can be replaced with the clock countdown. After time will be given in minutes ( in scale 1 to 6000 min after each 1 min) the controller will count this time and set an alarm by connecting joints. It is used mainly in ovens where there is need to keep a temperature within a certain time and afterward it is turned off and cool down occurs.

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