Termoregulatory.pl is an online retail store that sells bits and pieces to help you measure and control the temperature in the industrial process and in DIY projects. Temperature controllers / thermostats offered by our shop (NA8820, NA8810, NA8824, Transmit G1) are currently most popular in Poland, which is the reason for us to be proud of. Products from the store are covered by a one year warranty and professional care service. Our experts will help you step by step in installation and start-up of your projects. Our offer includes a programmable temperature controllers, temperature sensors, SSR relays, PID controllers, digital counters, encoders and accessories, radiators, contactors, thermals, panel meters and many others. In addition, our offer includes a wide range of float sensors, made of stainless steel with accessories.

In addition to products, Termoregulatory.pl also offers classes and online tutorials to help educate individuals in the world of Industrial automation.